Hey there, I'm Marc

First, thanks for checking out Energy Flask, happy you're here.  I'm a competitive cyclist (Cat 1 MTBer / Cat 3 CXer) and all-around outdoor adventurer who grew up and lives in New Hampshire.  I spend most of my outdoor time on a bike, but also enjoy trail running, hiking, downhill skiing, and even dabble in alpine touring occasionally.   And in my younger years (I'm still young, but in my mid-40s now), I competed in several triathlons and spent time rock climbing and mountaineering.  Feel free to follow my adventures on Strava or stalk me on crossresults.com

So where did the idea for Energy Flask come from?  The idea first popped into my head back in the summer of 2018.  I was racing in one of New England's popular summer gravel bike races, The Overland - a 44-mile dirt road race featuring almost 6,000 feet of climbing in beautiful Vermont (btw, if you've never participated in this race, I highly recommend it!)  While I was happy with my performance, I wouldn’t say the race went as “cleanly” as I had hoped. 

Long story short, I had one of those sticky, messy experiences with an energy gel that's hard to forget.  I was trying desperately to fuel while hanging on to the back of a seemingly endless attacking group of fellow Overlanders....then I put a not-quite-finished gel packet back into my rear jersey pocket...you get the picture.   A STICKY MESS!  I ended up crossing the finish line with sticky hands, sticky water bottles, a sticky handle bar, etc.  After that experience, I quickly became determined to find a better option.     

So my quest for a simpler, cleaner, faster fueling solution began.  I needed something small, quick to use, and easy to clean.  So I turned to existing reusable gel flasks on the market.  But I found them either too big, hard to fill, difficult to use while on the go, and a pain to clean.  So I created the Energy Flask.

Thanks for reading and happy fueling! 

P.S.  Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, your stories, favorite DIY fueling recipes, or just to say hello. My email is: marc@energyflask.com.